"REAL Essentials training has been completed in Valdosta! 30 participants are now certified to teach the sexual risk avoidance curriculum. Choose Now would like to thank all of those who attended and hope the best when implementing these in your organization or school! The Boys and Girls Club of Valdosta and Valdosta Early College Academy (V.E.C.A.) have recently completed the 8 week healthy relationships course. We are so proud of each student and are praying for life change because of their time with us!"

"Host a Coffee Talk with Choose Now!
If you are interested in having Choose Now come speak to students, parents, or leaders about healthy relationships and good life skills, host us for a Coffee Talk! We would love to help you talk to your middle school and high school age students in a fun, interactive way! Contact us to schedule a Coffee Talk or for more information: calliegbailie@gmail.com."

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What if a choice you make today could change the future? A community of culture influencers is proving that living and loving well today that will change the reality of tomorrow. And you can join the movement for a flourishing tomorrow.

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Change the Future

What will you do to create a culture of holistic health in our community?

When a neighborhood values lifelong healthy choices, it can change the reality of today and cultivate a flourishing tomorrow.

Want to transform our neighborhood?

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• Volunteer
• Become an Educator
• Become a Mentor
• Become a Student Leader
• Donate
• Host an Event
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You can create a culture of holistic health in our community. If you are interested in learning more about the current needs and opportunities, we'd love to hear from you!


We provide equipping and empowerment of our community by offering free services:

REAL educational programs in schools and community organizations.

Parenting Seminars.

Community-Wide Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) Events.

Student Ministry Workshop!

Relationships are the fabric of humanity. Choose Now offers free and engaging educational programs to community organizations, schools, youth, and parents! The Relationships Education and Leadership (REAL) interactive curriculum is filled with fun, high-energy, positive lessons that captivate the heart and unite all as members of the human family. REAL Essentials Training is about teaching skills for healthy relationship development, partner selection strategies, and future family formation. This unique and well-designed curriculum provides an opportunity for our community to come together to make the home a safe and stable place where children can have the freedom, guidance, and safety to become all they are created to be!

Exciting topics we address are:

  • Understanding sexuality
  • Self discovery
  • Goal setting
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Decision making skills
  • How to recognize a healthy relationship
  • How to set dating boundaries
  • Peer resistance strategies
  • How to recognize the marketing strategies of the media
  • How to find peer support
  • How to start over if you made a mistake

Curriculum Info

Choose Now creates a partnership model with Options Now, A Life Choice Clinic. which enables this ministry to reach out into the community. Through this supportive partnership, our community will receive skills and resources which promote lifelong healthy relationships and prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually-transmitted infections. Our community can move from a reactive state to a proactive state as we equip and empower individuals to come together and revolutionize culture. Choose Now will have the opportunity to reach individuals who may have never heard of a pregnancy help center, and the resources that are available.

Choose Now serves the Next Generation in our community by providing them with the skills to make lifelong healthy choices through (SRA) sexual risk avoidance lifestyles.


A connected child is a protected child.

There are many voices in culture telling us how to “protect” our children as they enter into one of the most challenging stages of their lives. Teenagers are bombarded daily by images, lyrics, and confusing messages about love and relationships. As the parent, YOU are the greatest influence in your child’s life.

Parenting is no small task! You can be confident in your connectives with your child. We want to equip you with helpful tools and valuable skills as you navigate though this season of life. Research indicates that the part of the brain resulting in reasoning, judgement, and decision making developed last. (Complete growth is not expected until the mid 20s). Understanding concepts such as this will aid in your parenting journey.

With a rise in the number unwed pregnancies and sexually-transmitted infections, will your child find a healthy partner? This is a real concern that needs to be addressed in our community. As the number one influence in children’s lives, parents must be pro-active in communicating with their loved ones about holistic healthy relationship choices. Together we can create an atmosphere of grace and truth which enables the Next Generation to flourish and thrive.

Healthy relationships strengthen all aspects of life including:

  • emotional stability
  • intellect and academics success
  • physical safety
  • social flourishing
  • spiritual vitality

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